8 Benefits of Guava for Skin Health

8 Benefits of Guava for Skin: Have you ever heard that guava can cause cystic acne? In fact it was a big mistake, yes. In fact, guava has many benefits. Various nutritional content in guava even plays a role not only for physical health but also for skin health.

The following are a series of benefits of guava for skin health.

1. Protects from UV rays

The antioxidant content in guava makes this fruit useful for protecting the skin from sun damage. This fruit also contains lycopene which acts the same as sunscreen. In fact, these compounds not only prevent skin damage caused by UV rays but can also overcome ordinary pollution.

2. Improve skin health

Guava fruit can make facial skin prevent blemishes to hyperpigmentation which in turn can help make skin fresher and more radiant. Moreover, guava can be used as a natural exfoliator to help remove dirt and dead skin cells.

3. Treating acne and black spots

For those of you who often think guava can cause acne, from now on, don’t get me wrong again, okay? In fact, guava is actually useful for reducing acne to black spots. To get maximum results, you can blend guava leaves and then use it as a mask.

4. Contains anti-aging properties

For those of you who want to look young, natural treatments using guava can be an option. The nutrients in the fruit can fight free radical damage in the skin and keep it glowing and free from premature lines and wrinkles.

5. Helps tighten skin

Washing your face with a decoction of guava can make your skin firm, fresh, and wrinkle-free. This is thanks to the content of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients contained in guava. In addition, this fruit can also help clean the skin from blemishes and redness.

6. Controls oily skin

Oily skin can cause acne and blackheads. Interestingly, guava leaves can help control oily skin. In addition, it plays a role in exfoliating the skin from excess sebum. For maximum results, you can use guava leaves with a mixture of lemon as a natural mask.

7. Moisturizing skin

In addition to drinking enough water and using moisturizing products, there are other ways to hydrate your face, namely by consuming guava. In fact, the fruit is made of 81% water. So, consuming this fruit every day can help hydrate the skin and maintain skin cells.

8. Treat various skin diseases

The content of vitamin C in guava plays a role to help regenerate the skin and increase collagen production so that the skin looks firm and elastic. In addition, guava also contains vitamin K which can help increase blood clotting, reduce redness, and irritation. Those are some of the benefits of guava for skin health. Hopefully it can add to your insight.

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