Are You Scared of the Dentist?

Are You Scared of the Dentist?

Even the simple act of scheduling an appointment can induce significant stress for some individuals. The good news is that at Dental on Clarke, we prioritize providing every patient with the necessary support and care, offering a diverse range of sedation options to ensure a comfortable treatment experience.

How can we help alleviate your anxiety?

Understanding the challenges associated with stress and anxiety, we have cultivated an environment at Dental on Clarke that is both serene and comforting. Our team places a strong emphasis on open communication with each patient, taking the time to comprehend your concerns before devising a tailored treatment plan that best suits your unique needs.

As part of our comprehensive services, we provide various sedation options, including an alternative to conventional methods of local anesthetic delivery, designed to make treatments more manageable. Our sedation options encompass nitrous oxide, also known as “happy gas,” as well as general anesthesia or sleep dentistry. Additionally, we offer ‘the wand,’ an innovative approach to administering local anesthesia. We will thoroughly discuss these options with you in relation to your specific requirements and the nature of the treatment.

Understanding the Benefits of “Happy Gas”

Commonly referred to as happy gas, nitrous oxide sedation functions by inducing a calming effect in patients while temporarily reducing sensation in the mouth.

Administered through a specialized mask placed over the nose, the gas is comfortably inhaled and its effects may vary slightly from person to person. Regardless, the overall impact is universally calming and gentle. Once the gas is inhaled, dental procedures can be conducted with heightened comfort.

Under the influence of happy gas, you will remain conscious throughout the treatment, enabling you to communicate with your dentist if necessary. After ceasing inhalation, the effects of the gas typically dissipate within a few minutes, and you should not experience any residual side effects post-treatment.

Understanding the Role of General Anesthesia

General anesthesia serves as an option for individuals grappling with intense anxiety, necessitating a profound level of sedation during dental procedures. Also known as sleep dentistry, general anesthesia can be administered within our onsite day surgery facility for those unable to undergo treatment in a standard dental chair.

During sleep dentistry, you will be completely unaware of the procedure and will have no recollection of the treatment afterward. Your anesthetist will provide guidance on the duration of your recovery and any potential post-operative effects.

Unveiling “The Wand”

“The wand” represents an innovative alternative to conventional syringe-delivered local anesthesia. This computer-assisted system administers local anesthetic in a precise, gradual manner, often resulting in a painless experience devoid of the stinging sensation commonly associated with traditional injections. It serves as an excellent option for patients with needle-related anxiety.

Is Sedation Dentistry Worth Considering?

If the thought of visiting the dentist triggers intense anxiety, you might delay essential dental procedures, potentially leading to minor issues escalating into painful, complicated, and costly problems down the line. Sedation dentistry offers a vital solution for those afflicted by dental anxiety, with the available sedation and anesthesia options boasting high effectiveness, rendering dental treatments significantly more manageable.

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