Does Your Cleaner Earn a Living Wage? Stop Wondering With

How much does your cleaner make an hour? If you asked them, what would they say? If you asked their employer, would they tell you?

With Well-Paid Maids, New York City’s only living-wage home-cleaning service, you don’t have to wonder. All of our employees make at least $26 per hour and receive a full benefits package, including 22 paid days off, health, dental, and vision insurance, 100{680c5f9cb46a7a54731929069920ce17b7cd4b3b32dcb36e8e9c5cdd0d2a610c} employer-paid commuting costs, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

What difference does that make? It means you get a cleaner who’s happy to come to work cleaning your home. It means you get a company that cares about the people who do the work, not one that’s sending tired, burnt-out independent contractors to as many jobs as they can squeeze in to a day. It means you get a cleaner who wants to be there cleaning your home. Wouldn’t you want your cleaner to care as much about your home as you do?

We think that when workers make a living wage, they put that care into their work. That means a better job done by a better employee for a better company.

Want proof?  See what other New Yorkers are saying about Well-Paid Maids.  Here’s a recent review from Dave in Brooklyn:

DUST BEWARE: Karen W. has arrived. What a dang good job she did! She worked diligently away while I took Zoom meetings in the other room. Before I knew it, my entire apartment had transformed into a shining, shimmering splendor.”

Not only is this the right thing to do, it means we employ the happiest, hardest-working folks in the business. Instead of a hurried and lackluster cleaning from someone who hates their job, you get a thorough, consistent service from a true professional. Book a cleaning today and use code WESTSIDERAG by July 29th to get $20 off your cleaning.  See the difference a living-wage makes, you won’t regret it!

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