NEFOWA and SWAG team observe National Doctors’ Day

Ladies of NEFOWA and Super Women Athletes Group SWAG jointly organized a special program on the occasion of National Doctors’ Day at Amrapali leisure valley market, Noida extension. The event recognized the selfless role of doctors in community welfare. During the program, doctors took interactive sessions on health and hygiene with underprivileged kids of the NEFOWA foundation.

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NEFOWA foundation is an initiative started by NEFOWA to help underprivileged sections of society. Three doctors, Dr Aditi Garg, Dr Abhiruchi Singhai and Dr Laveena took information sessions during the program ahead of the monsoon season. Moreover, Ranjana Bhardwaj and Pallavi, coordinators of Nefowa Foundation Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan also gave important lessons on self-care.

Dr Aditi Garg, a dentist and resident of 11th Avenue examined the children’s teeth and gave them dental health-related instructions.

Credit: Supplied

She says, “Being a doctor if I can contribute a bit towards improving the lives of underprivileged children. It somewhere solves our purpose of life and as always getting love n respect in return brings contentment in us.

Dr Abhiruchi Singhai, Neuro specialist highlighted the importance of hygiene and nutrition. She focused on activities such as the right way of washing hands and bathing. She says, “As we introspect our lives on July 1, we feel a lot can be done in improving public health. Getting recognition and appreciation from society motivates us in this goal.”

Finally, Dr Laveena, a Dietician explained the importance of a balanced diet and healthy food. She says, “Fewer resources in life do not mean that we cannot take care of nutrition. Eating well and consuming seasonal food can keep one healthy.”

Moreover, Swag Group and Nefowa ladies collectively distributed healthy items like fruits, biscuits and chocolates among the participating children. Products for ensuring hygiene such as toothbrushes were also distributed.

Ladies from NEFOWA and SWAG team namely Bhavna Gaur, Barnali, Abhiruchi, Nidhi Jaiswal, Shalini, Shipra, Sarika, Ekta, Kalpana, Neetu Chauhan, Avisha, Jyoti, Jaya, and Maanvi played a crucial role in organizing the event.

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