Rhonda Patrick Covid Supplement Regimen (2020)

With the dread and panic of Covid fortunately behind us, I preferred to develop an archive of the health supplement program Rhonda employed during Covid.

(For Rhonda’s existing supplement routine, see this post)

Back in Rhonda’s March 2020 Q&A she had switched her entire supplement plan up to focus on immune support.

Covid was still new then, and she was “throwing the kitchen area sink” at it.

As the perceived danger reduced, she eased off lots of of them, but continued having 2 higher-dose vitamin C and Quercetin.

The complete checklist of Rhonda’s early 2020 dietary supplements for immune assist, with Covid in head was:

  • Vitamin C – 1-2 grams, 4x for every working day
  • Quercetin– 250 mg/day by day
  • Zinc – 15mg/each day (on prime of the 25mg in her multivitamin)
  • N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) – 1200 mg/everyday
  • Liposomal Glutathione – 500 mg/day by day
  • Sulforaphane – by using Prostaphane and Moringa

In this article I really don’t go into element on all of these nutritional supplements, but I have included some info on vitamin C and Quercetine.

This is since (alongside with factors like Zinc and Selenium) these two are especially related for preventing viral bacterial infections heading forward.

Vitamin C

With immune operate in brain, Rhonda did a deep dive into the literature on vitamin C – generating a huge Vitamin-C topic site on her website.

Her research started with some skepticism, but after pouring by way of the knowledge, she grew to become certain it’s added benefits are appreciable.

Rhonda spoke at size about vitamin C supplementation at 59mins 10secs of her March 7 Q&A for group sponsors.

In conditions of which form to take, Rhonda was having it as frequent ascorbic acid. She has not noticed any convincing proof that it desires to be taken alongside flavonoids or in a liposomal sort. Not to point out the liposomal form is noticeably additional high priced.

Rhonda has not specified which model of vitamin C she favors, but commonly she opts for brand names like Thorne – Ascorbic Acid or Pure Encapsulations – Ascorbic Acid. Both equally have 1g (1,000mg) for every capsule.

Rhonda’s Dosage: .5-1 gram intermittently in evenings


Quercetin is a the natural way transpiring plant polyphenol, identified in compact quantities in meals these types of as capers, cilantro, kale and a lot more (see record).

Rhonda is particularly interested in quercetin for the investigate suggesting it may perhaps act as a “zinc ionophore” – serving to to get zinc into cells, which can be or else tricky. This relates to the notion that zinc might inhibit viral replication.

“Ionophores”, by the way, are substances which can transport individual ions across a lipid membrane in a cell.

Rhonda was supplementing 250 mg for every dose. She did not mention which distinct model she is using, but usually she opts for brands like Pure Encapsulations  – Quercetin or Thorne Analysis – Quercetin.

Rhonda’s Dosage: 250 mg intermittently

On the subject matter of quercetin, Rhonda has also taken up drinking Buckwheat Tea, which consists of quercetin in smaller quantities.

In addition to remaining a zinc ionophore, quercetin also has senolytic homes, which Rhonda talks about far more on Instagram listed here (senolytics are compounds that can take out senescent cells).

If you are new to Buckwheat tea, and would like to attempt it, you’d be on the lookout for a roasted mix (alternatively than uncooked) which brings out additional taste.


Earlier mentioned we’ve lined the supplements that Rhonda took at the peak of Covid in early 2020.

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