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This write-up on Rhonda Patrick’s skincare goods covers the adhering to:

  • The topical serum Rhonda likes and has used since 2012 – packed with hyaluronic acid, willow bark extract, aloe vera + other superior stuff.
  • How and why Rhonda supplements hydrolyzed collagen powder for her skin.
  • The mineral centered sunscreen Rhonda employs – instead than use sunscreen that contains perhaps carcinogenic compounds.

Topical Serum

Rhonda uses a topical serum termed Cellbone Neutralizer, which is explained as a PH balancer.

She applies this to her experience just after washing, and finds it has an speedy skin plumping effect – serving to to hydrate the skin.

She mentions in her April 2022 Q&A that she has employed it due to the fact 2012.


Rhonda notes in her April 2022 Q&A that she continues to use hydrolyzed collagen to gain her pores and skin, hair and joints. She consumes it by adding it to her smoothies, espresso and at times tea.

If you’re familiar with the phrase collagen peptides hydrolyzed collagen is the similar issue. It’s developed by a system referred to as enzymatic hydrolysis, where collagen is broken down into lesser chains of amino acids that are a lot more simply absorbed by the human body.

She discussed that when she stopped getting collagen she observed a noticeable (negative) change in her skin, so she tries to just take it frequently.

In her June 2021 Q&A she mentions utilizing both Great Lakes Collagen and Very important Proteins Collagen.

For far more information on collagen and skin, finish with study references, see Rhonda’s topic webpage below.


Rhonda chooses to use mineral sunscreens and avoids chemical sunscreens, typically as a final result of a randomized managed trial that observed 4 popular chemical sunscreens (avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule) are absorbed into the bloodstream at much amounts increased than the FDA’s opportunity toxicological threshold. These amounts then stayed elevated for up to 3 times.

It’s really worth pointing out that in the review they put the sunscreen about the full body – which is what they signify by ‘maximal use conditions’. You can consider this is an intense case in point, whereas frequently we may possibly just set sunscreen on the deal with, neck and arms – primary to significantly reduce concentrations of these chemicals accumulating in the blood.

Rhonda notes in this Instagram put up that it’s continue to unclear whether or not these components have harmful outcomes on individuals, but she’d rather prevent them until eventually far more data is printed.

Additionally, Rhonda tweeted a examine about two compounds located in sunscreens and cosmetics, referred to as oxybenzone and propylparaben, which were located to trigger DNA hurt to breast cells in culture and in mice. Whilst this research wasn’t performed in humans, it does raise queries on their human safety with extended time period usage.

Responding to queries on Instagram, Rhonda mentioned that she at present makes use of Coola mineral sunscreen – but has no affiliation with them.

An avid sauna user, Rhonda notes that saunas boost “transdermal absorption”, that is, the absorption of substances by using our skin. Even though mineral sunscreens really don’t incorporate the aforementioned chemical compounds, they however contain compounds she would somewhat not enhance absorption of. Hence she makes sure to wash off her mineral sunscreen prior to obtaining in the sauna.

Spherical Up

Higher than we have covered the skincare merchandise Rhonda takes advantage of. If you have bought any inquiries or remarks, make sure you depart them down below.

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